Our History

  • Our History

Dec. 2017 Deployed new advanced factory in Nanjing City.

More than 15 years of the journey, all the way to triumph, MDL's professional manufacturing experience, leading manufacturing technology, excellent equipment quality, good faith business philosophy, has won the affirmation and support of domestic and foreign customers, we are now the designation of professional equipment manufacturers of large number of international and Chinese well-known enterprises, meanwhile, we will uphold the mission to advanced product technology, Rigorous manufacturing process, quality control system and supply chain management to provide customers with excellent products and services.

Jan. 2008 Export Equipments and projects to abroad.


In this year, our company name changed into Nanjing Maidilong Beer Equipment Technology Co., Ltd, and also we became an ISO9001 certified company. More and more international users come to MDL because of our reputation, professional service and performance that equal to the top class manufacturers. And another reason is that the equipment is economic.


Aug. 2005 Creates its own brand.


MDL always insists its business philosophy "Keep pursuing excellence with intentive mind", its products technology and service is very famouse among premium and professional users. “Maidilong” becomes a presentative brand of the premium beer brewing equipmemt,  brand “Best” means a deep and full understand of craft beer culture.


Feb. 2004-Establish own workshop in Wenzhou city. 


We had strong ability of technology and research to produce equipment based on the demand of clients. MDL established equipment production technoloty communication with famous international manufacturers. In this case, MDL established its own work shop to design, improve and produce equipments with highest quality and performance to feed the demands.


May. 2003-Nanjing Maidilong Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd established.


MDL started to supply full range of equipment including mashing system, fermentation vessels, brite tanks, chilling system etc. from Germany and American manufacturers, during this period, MDL has accumulated its own stable and high quality resource channels. And meanwhile its professional technology and service are not only highly apprised by clients and experts.

Oct. 2001-Foundation of MDL in Nanjing. 

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Initailly, the Germany and American craft beer equipments are very polupar in China, and meanwhile the foreign manufacturers are hard to provide sufficient after sales service. In this case, MDL works to provide equipment operatiion training, craft beer brewing technology training, equipment adjustment, installation and maintenance, process improvement, material and  accessories supplement to domestic users. The service team is grouped with experienced beer makers, fluid control experts and engineers who are familiar with all beer brewing equipment and technology.