Beer Brewing Equipment Obama like it

Release Time: 2015/10/16

Beer Brewing Equipment

The past two decades, the United States, Germany, Australia and other countries frantically family develop beer brewing equipment (craft beer), Korea, Japan and Taiwan are also followed this fashion. Barack Obama is a fan of home-brewed beer, even at a lecture tour in the presidential campaign also took the beer, sometimes he invited voters to drink.  Many American public want to know Obama's beer recipe, and finally the White House published brewed beer recipe: light malt extract, amber crystal malt, honey, gypsum, yeast and corn sugar. The German "beer purity law" provides the raw material can only be brewed beer:

1. Hops

2. Malt

3. Yeast

4. Water

Craft Beer Brewing Equipment

DIY brewed beer is handmade, unlike industiral production. Brewed Beer features:

1. brewed pure draft beer is rich in protein, various vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other metal and non-metallic ions, is essential for the body of nutrients, brewed beer brewing process without heat sterilization, so save the high biological and non-biological, fermentation and high residual sugar at the end, long-term consumption not only will not get fat, but which are rich in active yeast also helps digestion, so the beer brewed on the human body any harm .

2. Fresh mellow taste: home-brewed beer in the whole production process is conducted in a closed sterile system without bottled beer production Pap heat sterilization process, thus avoiding beer vitamins and other heat-sensitive materials are destroyed, and Brewing is the first wort was filtered direct wine, and therefore have a strong malt aroma, and taste fresh, mellow after taste clean. 

3. Kill mouth power: Carbon dioxide is the soul of beer, brewed beer because the play directly from the fermentor, wine temperature is low, unfiltered, complex process of sterilization, canned, transportation, spill less carbon dioxide, can be more long to keep carbon dioxide levels, and therefore have to kill the mouth and strong features.

Affect the taste of the beer brewed three elements: the winemaker's level, brewed beer is good or bad quality of the equipment and materials. Our Nanjing Maidilong beer equipment Technology Co.,ltd. manufacture beer brewing equipment, small beer equipment, hop,malt and yeast, taste mellow, and more for bars, hotels and medium-sized beer factory, we can provide high-quality raw materials, good quality beer equipment and professional winemaker late guidance and training, the praise at home and abroad.