Difference between larger, fresh beer and draft beer

October 16, 2015

Many beer lovers drank a lot of beer, but do you know the difference between  lager, fresh beer, draft beer?  (nanjing Maidilong beer equipment co.,ltd.)

(1) Lager beer

Lager is pasteurized or refers to instantaneous high temperature sterilization of beer, which is generally not continue to ferment, so good stability, long-term storage. But after high-temperature sterilization of beer, a variety of hydrolytic enzymes lose their activity, and the color, clarity, taste and nutritional aspects have changed, or even lose the fresh taste of beer. lager beer must be filtered to make wine look more clear, save for longer, but it also been took away the most important grain nutrition. Green bottle of beer on the market are such as Qingdao beer, Snow Beer...


(2) Fresh beer 

Fresh beer is generally not pasteurized or instantaneous high temperature sterilization. fresh beer is not filtered, showing the state of the natural and fresh taste, so the finished product fresh beer allowed a certain amount of live yeast, the yeast can increase appetite, promote gastric decomposition, accelerate digestion, fresh taste , pure. Heavy taste, and rich aroma of fresh wheat beer with a bottle of wine can not be compared, it can be as fine as the quality wine tasting slow.

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(3) Draft beer

Beer is a fresh beer, but different from ordinary fresh beer. draft beer is a natural, no coloring, no preservatives, no sugar, without any quality wine flavor. Typically beer is injected directly into the production line fully enclosed stainless steel bucket, drink just before the carbon dioxide can be injected through a beer cooler. This wine to avoid direct contact with air, and thus taste more fresh and more pure.

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