How to open a beer house 01

April 3, 2019

MDL craft beer brew house

You should start moving. First, choose the shop location store location selection can be combined with the late business model of the focus of different positioning, if you want to do beer house, go out of the form of takeaway, you can find cheap residential areas, take the Community business model. If you want to do store shop mode, focus on in-store sales, that storefront your choice to consider more factors, storefront location, storefront size, the consumption capacity of nearby people, these good factors combined with a good storefront can be said to be can not be asked for, so look for the stage of the storefront must be patient, in the low season to look carefully, Before and after the Spring Festival is a good choice.

craft beer brewhouse
premium beer brewhouse

Second, understand the local policy project before the start of the implementation of local policies, store shop mode is good, especially want to make small-scale craft Winery brewing friends, then start from the project, project, EIA, plant, equipment, product inspection, Step after implementation of good, different regions of the policy is not necessarily the same, we can combine their own specific circumstances to implement, the procedures required during the implementation of various tool materials do not worry, find my old payment on the line, are all.


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