Xijinping and Cameron drink home brewed beer after meeting

Release Time:2015-10-23

Xi and Cameron are drinking home brewed beer

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At the end of the trip in London, President Xi Jinping just (local time October 22, 2015 midnight) arrived in Manchester to continue his trip to England. And before leaving London, Xi went to British Prime Minister David Cameron's Country House - Chequers Manor, the two leaders also went into a local bar, called the plough at cadsden , to experience English country pub culture.

Xi Jinping arrives at the town bar with Cameron, the darkening sky, the lights have been lit bar the door, the two walked into the bar, Cameron filled a past Chairman of the study, he said there are times when you leave here daughter forgotten in the bar. Two people sitting side by side on the bar stool, Cameron recommended a British favorite beer to study Chairman - Indian wheat beer and a toast to Xi Chairman said: "I wish you good health," and later on the bombing steak and fries, after tasting, drinking spot after learning Chairman Chan:"very good". Two people while experiencing British country pub culture, while exchanges from time to time. This is a home brewed beer, called Indian wheat beer IPA (India Pale Ale), also known as Indian wheat beer or India Pale Ale.

The birth itself on its legendary, early in the 18th century, the British army and businessmen expeded to India eager to drink beer Porter home, but the long sea voyage and Southeast Asia makes the high-temperature preservation of beer is almost impossible to reach India after a beer on sour degenerate, and easy blistering. British winemakers discovered that if increasing the concentration of alcohol, the concentration of hops can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, so they added a lot of hops brewing a high concentration of Al (ALE) beer, thereby producing a flavor and taste with traditional ales differentiated new varieties of beer, so a new beer - Indian wheat beer was born.

Britain also transported to Russia the same beer, but later due to political reasons, the Anglo-Russian diplomatic relations, these beers directly manufactured in India and exported directly to Russia, of course, there are places where the OEM, and the result, India wheat beer (IPA) India has become the people's brand, that India is not a national brand in India invention.

Coincidentally, President Obama also liked to drink home-brewed beer, but also the White House has its own brewed beer equipment, it seems the national top leaders in Europe and America has deeply feelings with beer and beer culture.