Service and Support


With accumulation of many years experience, MDL engineers is very familiar to all kinds of brewing technology and can provide various types of brewing design services according to customer requirements, including process design and specifications, configuration and structure, transportation technology, process control, monitoring, terminal settings, security protection, environmental protection treatment.

Testing and Maintenance

We provide professional equipment and application product testing and maintenance services to our customers according to the actual working conditions and standards. To help users to ensure the operation of equipment, reduce risk while improving the economic performance of equipment, including consistency, security, economic testing, equipment installation, commissioning, replacement, repair and maintenance.

Directed research and Development

MDL has set up a research center of develop and produce integration, it is committed to transform demand into the latest solutions and products, provide new product design, research and development and validation services to the industry and institutions, help you build a core advantage.

Training and Improvement

MDL insists stand on the user's angle, carries on the thorough training to the user, in order to maximize the equipment and the product function. At least include: Product system training, application training, failure analysis, security protection, Process Control training, new technology training, commissioning and maintenance, process import.

Continuous service

We actively provide pre-sales, sales, after-sales service and value-added services to help customers enhance value. Services include: Pre-Sales Consulting, technical clarification, technological innovation proposals, equipment selection, engineering planning, value assessment, timely delivery, product training, compliance testing, installation and commissioning, status tracking, regular inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, maintenance, operation and protection.

Project evaluation

Our mature project team provides the customer with the technical evaluation service of the project, the assessment includes the advantage and applicability of technology, technology, equipment in the economic and reasonable conditions, energy and benefit ratio calculation, acquisition of technology and equipment compliance testing, raw materials,