MDL Spirits & Duty

  • The Culture of MDL

Our Vision

Become the world's leading manufacturer of brewing equipment and technology 

Business philosophy

Ingenuity and Excellence


  • Helping our clients succeed is our greatest interest
  • Overall continuous improvement makes us better
  • Any challenge is a chance to lose a competitor.
  • Teamwork always gains better results
  • Never tolerate bureaucracy and corruption
  • Staff also need to be respected and cherished as same as customers
  • Practical work can create greater value

Responsibilities and obligations

  • To customers
  1. Ensure that the information communicated to the customer is accurate and effective, and that no unsubstantiated, false, erroneous and misleading information is provided.
  2. Maintain good communication with customers, analyze the actual needs of customers and provide scientific and reasonable solutions.
  3. Dares to make the commitment, strictly fulfills the contract, delivers the consistent product and the service on time to ensure that satisfies the customer demand.
  4. To provide continuous support to ensure the normal operation of equipment, pay attention to feedback, and proactively assist customers to improve business and development.
  5. Courage to take responsibility, never evade or shirk.
  •  To industry
  1. AWE the industry culture, practice the industry standard, establish the benchmark of industry model enterprise.
  2. Fair competition, resist disorderly competition and vicious competition.
  3. Use technology and innovation to promote industry changes for the development of the industry to contribute.
  •  To employees
  1. Respect every employee, pay attention to the rights of workers, never use harshness or force.
  2. Care for the physical and mental health and life of employees, and ensure the safety of their lives.
  3. Plan the career development of the employees, give the employees the opportunity to learn and upgrade, provide resources and encourage innovation.
  4. Continuous improvement of working environment and working atmosphere, and fair promotion.
  •  To suppliers and partners
  1. Strict performance of the contract, strictly adhere to trade secrets, respect for its business philosophy and culture, to innovate to help its improvement,  work together to create opportunities and develop.
  •  To Social
  1. Create more employment opportunities and improve the employment environment.
  2. Courtesy integrity, safeguard the market order to protect the interests of customers.
  3. Efforts to develop, improve profitability and tax, contribute to national development and construction.
  4. Pay attention to human rights and education, actively devote themselves to charitable undertakings and improve social environment.
  •  To environmental
  1. Rational use of energy, reduce waste to achieve sustainable development.
  2. Actively adopt new technologies and methods to reduce dependence on natural resources and eliminate environmental pollution.
  3. Actively organize and participate in environmental protection activities to improve the natural environment.