1000L Fermentation Vessel

1000L Fermentation Vessel

  • MDL 1000L Fermentation Vessel Features:

    MDL 1000L Fermentation Vessel contains excellent insulation performance, effective chilling system and complete functions. With 100% passed pressure and leakage test this 1000L beer fermenting machine is made of standard SS304 from MDL, which is a qualified homebrew fermentation vessel supplier and beer fermentation machine manufacturer.

    This 1000L craft beer tank is fully TIG welded and ensures 3 years quality warranty. Depend on its humanized design and brand new components MDL 1000L craft beer fermenting machine can guarantee beer processing. MDL offers this customized beer fermenting machine with customized design and production.


This 1000L fermentation machine is designed and produced for the use of beer fermentation application, with chilling jacket and body insulation. Users can acquire pressure and temperature paraments with the installed indicator or gaugesp; The specially designed top manhole is very convenient for adding and remove hops; The CIP spray ball makes cleaning easily and completely; Beside fermentation performance, it can also be used as bright beer storage tanks.


Using 304 stainless steel material conform to ASTM standard.

Medium contact surface to be sanitary polished at Ra≤4μm and passivated.
Construction with TIG welding.
All pipe lines and vessels should pass tightness and pressure test before delivery.
Nozzles, inlets, outlets and connections should be sealed before delivery.
All medium connections are Tri Clamps.


Volume: 1000L/1200L
Vessel Style: Ellipse top & Conical bottom
Inner Shell: Wall δ=3mm
Jacket: Dimple plate δ=1.5mm
External Shell: Wall δ=2mm
Insulation: Polyurethane δ=50mm

Optional Components:

■ Hop Add Hole

■ Safety Valve

■ Side Manhole


■ Thermometer

■ Temp. Sensor

■ Level Indicator

■ Level Sensor

■ Bottom Jacket

■ Barrel Jacket

■ Sampling Tap

■ Bottom Drain

■ Rotational Inlet & Outlet

■ Pressure Gauge

■ Lift Eyes

■ Adjustable Feet

■ Skirt

■ Valves

■ Connectors

■ Tri Clamps

■ Ribs


1000L Fermentation Vessel

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1000L Fermentation Vessel
1000L Fermentation Vessel


1000L Fermentation Vessel