300L Craft Beer Brewery

300L Craft Beer Brewery

MDL 300L Craft Beer Brewery Features: 

This 300L Craft Beer Brewery Machinery is convenient and easily operated to reduce the labor cost. Also this craft beer making machine, which is functioned by 300L craft beer brewhouse systems occupies small space and runs with fast start.


The China 300L copper beer brewing equipment from MDL, which is a premium beer brewery supplier, china craft beer tank wholesaler and brewhouse equipment manufacturers in china, contains practically improved function design and advanced and stable performance.



German Style or American Style 2-Vessels Mashing system is normally used.

German Style   Ameican Style
1. Mashing & Boiling Kettle: Effective volume 300L   1. Mashing Tun: Effective volume 300L
2. Lauter & Whirpool Tun: Effective volume 300L   2. Lauter Tun: Effective volume 300L
3. Wort Pump: 2000L/H*1Set   3. Boiling Kettle & Whirlpool Tank: Effective volume 300L
4. Dual stage plate heat exchanger: Area 4 m2   4. Dual stage plate heat exchanger: Area 4 m2
5. Control cabinet: Manual/Semi-auto/Auto   5. Wort Pump: 2000L/H*1Set
      6. Hot Water Tank: Effective volume 500L
 *Copper Finish Is optional     7. Control cabinet: Manual/Semi-auto/Auto

MDL as China craft beer tank wholesaler will provide suitable configurations according to the users brewing technology and site condition.


MDL Beer Brewing Machine advanced chilling system not only increase the efficiency and performance, but also reduce the place occupation and the maintenance cost.

Classic Set Up:

1. Integrated Glycol Chiller: 5HP

2. Glycol Tank: 500L 


Better to choose craft beer fermentation vessels with volume 300L or 600L, the quantity is subjected by the perspected beer production.

Classic Set Up:

+ Top manhole   + Hopping hole
+ CIP Pipe with CO2 inlet port   + Rotational spray ball
+ Temperature probe   + Pressure regulating valve
+ Anti vacuum valve   + Barrel and bottom jacket with solenoid valve
+ Barrel and bottom insulation   + Sample valve
+ Rotational beer outlet   + Pressure gauge
+ Drain   + Adjustable feet

Other Accessories and Devices for a brewery

* Malt crusher   * Malt discharger
* Water filtration system   * Pre fermentation vessels
* Yeast tank   * Beer filter
* Brite beer tank   * Instant sterilizer
* Steam boiler   * Air compressor
* Filling machine   * CIP system

General Technical Parameters

1. Using 304 stainless steel material conform to ASTM standard.

2. All material contact surface to be sanitary polished at Ra≤4μm and passivated.

3. Construction with TIG welding.

4. All pipe lines and vessels should pass tightness and pressure test before delivery.

5. Nozzles, inlets, outlets and connections should be sealed before delivery.

6. All medium connections are Tri Clamps.

7. Electrical components are from CCC certified and/or CE, CSA certified manufacturers.