MHB50A Home Brewing Skid



This skid is designed for pilot and small quantity craft beer brewing.

It is integrated with complete professional functions of mashing, wort lautering, wort boiling, whirlpool, temperature control, pressure control, process control, fermentation.

Main parts are of food grade stainless steel 304 conform to ASTM standard. With this skid, the user can make various kinds of craft beers.


This system uses a 4 in 1 kettle to finish the whole wort preparing process. Inside it, there is a Temperature Probe, a Heating Element, a Filter Barrel with axis and cover.

It has inlet/Outlet at the center bottom and tangent inlet/outlet at the wall.

  • Temperature Probe transfers the signal to control cabinet for precise temperature management.
  • The Heating Element is applied for mashing and boiling heating.
  • The Filter Barrel separates the grain and wort, avoid grain scorching and easy to sparge when it is raised up by the lifter. Also, it is fixed by an axis stably.
  • Water and wort can be circulated by the wort pump, it not only enables whirlpool sediment but also can make mashing sufficiently.
  • A specially designed lifter is applied for sparging, grain removal and cleaning.
  • The pump can do all the works including hot water pumping, water and wort circulation, wort whirlpool and sediment, wort transmission to fermenters. And also can be used as a CIP pump.


Mashing Step

Fill the malt into the filter barrel and fix the filter cover. While heating the wort, circulate the wort with the pump. The wort is pumped out from tangent outlet and jet via center inlet. In this case the mashing is more efficient.


Lautering and Sparging

Rise up the filter barrel with the lifter, the wort will drop down via sieve. 

lifitThen add hot water into the grain to sparge, the barrel can be removed after Lautering operation.



The boiling temperature and time can be operated on control panel.


Whirlpool and Sediment

The system is designed with whirlpool function.


Circulate the wort with the pump, the wort is pumped out from center outlet and jet via tangent inlet, a whirlpool will be produced.




1. Control Panel - All temperature control and pump control, PLC control with touch screen is optional.

2. Lifter - Rotational, easy to remove spend grain.

3. Glycol Tank -  Inside coil cooling, PU foam insulation.

4. 4 in 1 Mash Tun - Pearl Wool insulated.

5. Hot Water Tank - Inside electric heating element, PU foam insulated.

6. Fermentation Vessel - Jacket Chilling and PU foam insulated.

7. Chiller - Tecumseh brand.

8. Wort Pump - Multi-Function for wort and water.

9. Glycol Pump

10. Plate Heat Exchanger - Dual Stage.


  • Using 304 stainless steel material conform to ASTM standard.
  • Medium contact surface to be sanitary polished at Ra≤0.4μm and passivated.
  • Construction with TIG welding.
  • All pipe lines and vessels should pass tightness and pressure test before delivery.
  • Nozzles, inlets, outlets and connections should be sealed before delivery.
  • All medium connections are Tri Clamps.
  • Electrical components are from CCC certified and/or CE, CSA certified manufacturers.



Model PB501M PB501SE PB502M PB502SE PB1001M PB1001SE
Operation Manual Semi Auto Manual Semi Auto Manual Semi Auto
Mashing Volume 50L 50L 50L 50L 100L 100L
Hot Water Tank 50L 50L 50L 50L 75L 75L
Glycol Tank 70L 70L 70L 70L 140L 140L
Fermentation Vessels 50L*3 50L*3 100L*3 100L*3 100L*3 100L*3


1. Manual - With temperature PID controllers on control cabinet, operate valves manually.

2. Semi Auto - With touch screen on control cabinet, follow the instructions given by system and operate valves manually.

3. We are providing more optional configurations, please contact our engineer for assistance.