MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid

MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid


MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid Features:

This Pilot Brewing Skid made by MDL, which is a professional pilot brewing equipment supplier and pilot brewing wholesaler, is designed for craft beer homebrew and commercial brewing equipment.

This pilot beer brewery equipment functioning by pilot brewing skid system is integrated with complete function of mashing, wort lautering, wort boiling, whirlpool, temperature control,pressure control, process control and fermentation.


  • MDL commercial pilot brewing skid equipment easy to move with foot wheels, assorted framework enable users to change the shape to meet the working space.

  • Pilot Brewing Equipment designed and manufactured for various beer making technology.

  • Optional configurations to meet different demand from users.

  • Support semi-auto brewery control or PLC brewery control to make the home craft brewing equipment easy for production.

  • 100% passed testing before delivery, devices from international famous brands and manufacturers.


MDL Craft Beer Equipment is producing the pilot brewing equipment according to clients’ demand, but generally the typical configuration contains the following systems.

  • Mashing system integrated with malt mashing, wort lautering, boiling and whirlpool.

  • Fermentation system including fermenters and their accessories.

  • Refrigeration system including refrigerant tank, refrigerator, heat exchanger, dimple jackets.

  • Temperature and flow control system.

  • CIP cleaning system.

  • Stable framework.


The Pilot Brewing Skid works at normal condition


Mashing Vol.:

50L per batch

Fermenter Vol.:

100L per vessel

Power Capacity:




Net Weight:


Area Occupation:

5.3 m2




Wooden case



We provide complete services to support users.


  • Onsite installation and adjustment.

  • Technical training.

  • Spare parts supplement.

  • Maintaining and preparing.

  • Process optimizing and improvement.

MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid


MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid
MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid
MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid
MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid
MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid
MHB100A Pilot Brewing Skid