Mashing 4 Vessel

Four Vessels SS304 Brewhouse System

  • Four Vessel SS304 Brwhouse System Features:

    Four Vessel SS304 Brewhouse System occupies small area and space. 4 vessel brewhouse Machine made by MDL brewery equipment supplier, brewing mashing vessels manufacturer and beer mashing machine manufacturer has humanized design and is made of standard SS304 from qualified craft beer brewery machine supplier.

  • Besides this fully 4 mashing homebrew kettle contains first class brand new components and scientifically designed and improved mashing technology. We ensure 100% passed leakage test and superior accurate temperature control.

    MDL as the most professional premium beer equipment manufacturer guarantees 3 years extra long quality warranty. MDL commercial brew kettle, which can be easy operated and understood is mirror polished and degrease inner surface.


This mashing brewhouse machine is called American style, totally with 4 vessels, mashing tun and lauter tun one kettle, boiling kettle, whirlpool tun and hot water tank.


Brewing Mashing Vessel can be operated by PLC programe or semi-auto with a control cabinet. The beer making machine can prepare any kinds of wanted fort with this brewhouse system.

We provide following support and services: 

  1. 7*24 online serive
  2. Training and instruction materials
  3. Long term spare parts
  4. Onsite installation and maintenance


Using 304 stainless steel material conform to ASTM standard.

All pipe lines and vessels pass tightness test before delivery.

Nozzles, Inlets, outlets and connections should be sealed before delivery.

All medium connections are Tri Lamps.


Volume: 300L/500L/1000L/1500L

Optional heating: Steam / Electricity

Inner shell thickness: 3mm

Jacket: Dimple plate thickness 1.5mm

Insulation: Rockwool


Normally used components: 

Agitator Top Manhole Side Manhole
CIP Thermometer Temp. Sensor
Level Indicator Level Sensor Signt Glass
Sight Lamp Driver Cover Vent Hole
Steam Recycle Framework Ribs
Lifting Eyes Adjustible Feet Skirt
Solenoid Valves Pneumatic Valves Manual Valves
Tri Clamps Grain Remover Plough Blades
 Wort Pump    
Four Vessels SS304 Brewhouse System


Four Vessels SS304 Brewhouse System


Four Vessels SS304 Brewhouse System


Four Vessels SS304 Brewhouse System


Four Vessels SS304 Brewhouse System
Four Vessels SS304 Brewhouse System


Four Vessels SS304 Brewhouse System