Pre-Fermentation Vessel

Pre-Fermentation Vessel

  • MDL Prefermentation Vessel Features:

    MDL Pre Fermentation Vessel with application of a pre fermentation tank can significantly improve the beer quality. MDL Pre Fermentation Equipment contains excellent insulation performance and effective jacket chilling. With 100% passed pressure and leakage test this commercial pre fermentation brew kettle is made of standard SS304 from MDL, which is a qualified China craft beer tank supplier and beer making equipment factory.

    This pre fermentation tank is fully TIG welded and pneumatic ensures 3 years quality warranty. Depend on its unique button and inlet/outlet design MDL as an experienced China beer fermentation kettle supplier pre fermentation equipment can guarantee beer processing. MDL offers this customized commercial pre fermentation brew kettle with customized design and production. Furthermore this China beer fermentation kettle supplier manufactures other fantastic craft brew equipment.

Classical Parameters

Volume: 200-3000L

Vessel Style: Flat cover and bottom

Inner Shell Wall Thickness: 3mm or 4mm

Jacket: Dimple Plate δ=1.5mm

Outer Shell Wall Thickness: δ=2mm

Insulation: PU Foam δ=75mm or 100mm



Optional Components:

■ Thermometer

■ Temp. Sensor

■ Bottom Jacket

■ Barrel Jacket

■ Bottom Drain

■ Adjustable Feet

■ Inlet/Outlet

■ Tri Clamps

■ Solenoid valve

■ Pneumatic Cylinder

300L Fermentation Vessel

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