Home Brewing

material: stainless steel 304

dimension: Φ500X600mm

volume: effective 50L, full 80L

tank shape: dish top plate cover, flat bottom,


Mash Tun & Lauter Tun & Boiling Kettle 1 vessel:

three layers thickness: inner shell 3mm, Ra≤0.4μ sanitary mirror polishing, insulating 50mm pearlstone, outer shell 2mm matt, heating method: two sets of stainless steel electric heating tube inside, power: 220v or 380v, 4.5kw, accessories: manual lifter, filter barrel, mesh sieve plate, air exhaust vent, pipeline valve switching, Pt100 platinum resistance thermometer.

 Wort Pump:

material: stainless steel 304, capability: 1000L/h, power: 220v or 380v, 0.37kw, accessories: motor (Jinlong or ABB), frequency converter (Danfoss), stainless steel pipeline, clamp type connected.

Plate Heating Exchanger:

The brewhouse system includes butterfly vavles, ball valves, sight glasses, check valves and hard plumbing for all transfers between vessels.  Complies with the highest sanitary processing standards.  


material: stainless steel 304

dimension: Φ500X1520mm

volume: effective 100L, full 120L

tank shape: vertical with leg leveling bracket, top sunbonnet with flange, 60°conical bottom, actual designed pressure≤3 bar

three layers thickness: inner shell 3mm, Ra≤0.4μ sanitary mirror polishing, dimple plate jacket 1.5mm, insulating 50mm polyurethane, outer shell 2mm matt, glass sight hole Φ100mm

accessories: spring type CO2 pressure relief device, top CIP pipe & spray ball, bottom inlet & outlet, beer sampling valve, pressure gauge, Pt100 platinum resistance thermometer, ball valve, butterfly valve.

product details

product details

product details